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Restroom cleaning service
Restroom Cleaning Services
As we all know, restrooms can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria during this pandemic.The question is what can you do about it? You don’t need to do anything because we’ll do it for you. Master Hygiene will take care of everything. We make sure that your restrooms are well protected against viruses, bacteria, and common diseases. And, when we’re done, everything will smell so nice you’ll probably want to spend more time in the restroom.

Master Hygiene is a company who takes pride in their Restroom Cleaning Services, its more then just cleaning, its a deep, throughout service that helps with killing off dangerous bacteria that accumulates everyday, and gets worst by the moment. We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but right now, your restrooms are filled with Billions (yes, that’s Billions not Millions) of bacteria that can cause countless diseases. Those shiny porcelain surfaces found inside any restroom are just like a sponge for bacteria. Not cleaning them properly and regularly is a recipe for disaster.

We specialize in preventing bacteria from spreading and infecting you and your employees/customers. With our service, you’ll be on your way to having the cleanest & most sanitized restrooms. Here are just a few of the things we will do for you (included in the Sani Service Performance):

  • We will refill all soap dispensers, and making sure that they are operational
  • We’ll clean the toilets from top to bottom, leaving nothing behind but cleanliness
  • We’ll clean the urinals and all chrome pipes
  • We’ll clean and polish the water faucets and make your sinks look like they were just bought
  • We’ll apply a good coat of germicide that will protect toilets, urinals, sinks from bacteria by sealing the porcelain fixtures
  • We’ll check your air fresheners to make sure they work properly, change batteries, refill canisters where needed.
  • When done, we’ll place clear stickers letting your clients know that your restrooms are well sanitized so they can feel protected when going in.
Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning and sanitation of porcelain fixtures (bowls, sinks, urinals) destroying dangerous bacteria. Not to mention giving your restroom environment a healthier cleaner look.

Germicide treatment

Our Germicide treatment is effective in controlling bacteria, viral diseases and fungal infections between visits which makes restroom maintenance between our visits easier every time.

hardward installation

We provide the installation and maintenance of air fresheners that keep your restrooms smelling fresh and clean. We also include the installation of Soap dispensers and continuous supply of lotion hand soap, anti-bacterial and de-greasing hands soaps